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Flying Critters

This is our first "Flying Monkeys" delivery by BalloonPlanet.com. Customer added the "Hang in there" Monkey shape...making this design about 8 ft. tall! 
Send one Just For Fun! from $49.95

 Flying Monkeys  Flying Pigs  Soaring Safari
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Adding a collar of  four latex 11" and a balloon Squiggle can turn any of the Head shapes into a flying critter! Only $24.95 includes Ultra HiFloat (treatment extends float time 3+ days). 

Name Arches

The foil balloons in Letter shapes have always been available in Silver and Gold. Now there is the new Rose Gold....and 2 designs and 4 colors. We do not carry these in our Inventory...they are by Special Order. Please prepay at least 7 days before the event.
$177.60 for names with 7 letters like VALERIA in the photo. $153.60 for 6 letters like GEORGE. $129.60 for 5 letters like ADDIE. Delivery & Sales Tax is additional.

To see more photos of Name Arches or Letters, click to see a Facebook album:
Balloon Names and Numbers

Birthday Party for George

Name: MAYA

Holographic Stars

These stars are awesome! They shimmer! Great to use in Trees or Bouquets for Centerpieces!