Organic Style

Organic Style


This whole organic look is new. New to the industry. I haven’t done anything organic…but, I am pricing this with our Team of Two, the lowest price we ever use.

That’s $1.32 per balloon. I plan to show up with framing & a base which we will probably need to pick back up. I plan on spending 400 balloons on this type of upside down L shaped arch.


Balloon Half Arch, organic-style, frames and base*, 400 balloons, labor & supplies, 8 x 6 ft: $527.00

Delivery/Gas/Mileage: $18.50

Subtotal: $545.50

Sales tax: $45.00

Total: $590.50


*Frames & base picked up

This style, the organic style, take many more balloons than a normal arch,

From $227.55 takes about 103 balloons…this style arch takes 400 balloons.

I asked 2 competitor friends what they charge? They both said $55 per foot. 14 ft X $55 = $770.00

Sorry...I don't know who's photo this is as it was just emailed to us...