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Flying Critters

This is our first "Flying Monkeys" delivery by BalloonPlanet.com. Customer added the "Hang in there" Monkey shape...making this design about 8 ft. tall! 
Send one Just For Fun! from $49.95

 Flying Monkeys  Flying Pigs  Soaring Safari
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Adding a collar of  four latex 11" and a balloon Squiggle can turn any of the Head shapes into a flying critter! Only $24.95 includes Ultra HiFloat (treatment extends float time 3+ days). 

Name Arches

The foil balloons in Letter shapes have always been available in Silver and Gold. We do not carry these in our Inventory...they are by Special Order. Please prepay at least 7 days before the event.
$177.60 for names with 7 letters like VALERIA in the photo. $153.60 for 6 letters like GEORGE. $129.60 for 5 letters like ADDIE. Delivery & Sales Tax is additional.

To see more photos of Name Arches or Letters, click to see a Facebook album:
Balloon Names and Numbers

Birthday Party for George

Name: MAYA