Latex.Skinny.Not Round

Professional Brand Qualatex! Natural and Biodegradeable, the long skinny balloons come in different sizes. The first number is the diameter size and the last two numbers are the length of the balloon. Inflated with air, they do not float! The most popular size is the 260Q (2 inch diameter and 60 inches long). This is the size most often used by balloon entertainers or twisters. We like to use this size to embellish balloon decorations: a single spiral called a Squiggle; or a dozen+ twisted together as Toppers called Starbursts! The 160Q is about the width of a finger and the 646Q is the size of a thigh! Scroll down to see which colors and sizes are available!

Standard Colors

Jewel Colors

Fashion Colors

New Fashion Color "Caribbean Blue" available in: 160Q, 260Q. Also in round 5", 11", 16".

Neon Colors

Pearl/Metallic Colors

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