Evolution of a Balloon Centerpiece

Using the "magical lift" of Helium, balloons provide color & excitement in the air! Add a "Wow" factor by embellishing with a balloon Skinny, Squiggle or Collar! Try to imagine a balloon, not as a child's toy, but as a "circle" or "line" of bold let your imagination loose! Here are some suggestions... XL means the over-sized 16" latex is being used. Price includes Hi-float on 11-16" latex.

Bouquet.Staggered Staggered+Squiggle add Squiggle


$21.35 $24.10 

New Section

Layered+Squiggle +Shortstack "add" Shortstack



$32.90 $8.80

New Section

"Sprout" Shortstack Collar+Squiggle



$12.30 $10.65

New Section

Cloud+Shortstack "Zoomer"+Shortstack "Zoomer"


$37.20 $28.40

New Section

"Bounce" XL "Bounce" XL+Skinny "Bounce" XL+Collar


$50.65 $48.65

New Section

Cloud.5 Squiggles Cloud.Sprout Cloud XL.Sprout



$52.95 $75.45

New Section

Cloud "Twist-n-Shout" Cloud.2 Squiggles XL.Squiggle Collar



$33.80 $17.40

New Section

"Jelly Fish" XL Cloud.Skinny  




More Squiggles & Skinnys
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"Scrambles" "Starbursts"