How much is your Arch?

This is the most frequently asked question. There are different "styles" of arches.  The price is determined by the number of balloons. Do you know how wide and tall? If you don't know the width or height (most people won't know) are you planning to use it?  At the entrance? Is it double-wide? (4 guests can walk through at the same time?). or a single door? (1-2 guests walking through). Will it frame the head table? (using three 8-foot tables side by side?)..... Are you inquiring about the most-popular, cluster-style arch? An arch about 8x8 ft starts at $237.45 indoors/$245.65 outdoors (plus delivery from $18.50 and sales tax). If that's not in the budget there is another style of arch called "Serpentine" uses fewer balloons. And, then there's "Pearl" style..uses even fewer balloons.


Most of the time the pattern is "Spiral". It appears that there are long strings of balloons and that they are "twisted" together. Actually, the necks of 3 or more balloons are tied together. Then each cluster is attached to the clear line a cluster-at-a-time. Other popular patterns are "Blocked" and "Confetti". 

Price: $237.45 (indoors)
plus delivery & sales tax.

Hi-float balloon treatment...$49.50






Price: $247.63

plus delivery & sales tax.

This arch is the same size as the blue & yellow one above. Because it is used outdoors, additional weight is added. There is also an upcharge for the "Pearl" white.

Arch $237.45
+ extra weight $8.20
+ pearl upcharge $1.98


Price: $301.95

plus delivery & sales tax.


Hi-Float balloon treatment....$64.50





Price: $310.15
plus delivery & sales tax.

This arch is the same size as the blue, orange, white one above it. Because it is used outdoors, additional weight is added.

Arch $301.95
+ extra weight $8.20


Price: $419.80
plus delivery & sales tax.



Hi-Float balloon treatment..$90.00


Extra Large...over 30 Ft and  15 Ft high...$525.15



Serpentine (indoors ONLY!)

Sometimes called "fishbone" because it looks like a Cluster arch that was filleted (like a fish). Not as thick as the cluster-style, but not as thin as a Pearl-style.
Price: $42.85
plus Delivery & sales tax

Hi-Float balloon treatment....$27.50 





Price: $175.10

Hi-float balloon









Price: $310.55
plus Delivery & sales tax.



Hi-Float balloon treatment....


Pearl (indoors ONLY!)

Think upside down pearl necklace. The price is much lower because it takes about one balloon per foot (a cluster arch is about 6 balloons per foot)

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Name Arches

The foil balloons in Letter shapes have always been available in Silver. Now a Gold a new Rose Gold and 2 designs and 4 colors to choose from.  We do not carry these in our Inventory...they are ordered in...we need a week before the event date. Less than a week add $60 next-day air.
$209.65 for names with 7 letters like VALERIA in the photo. $179.70 for 6 letters like GEORGE. $149.75 for 5 letters like ADDIE. Delivery & Sales Tax is additional.

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Balloon Names and Numbers

Birthday Party for George

Name: MAYA