"Seriously committed to balloons"

We are "seriously committed to balloons" and in 1987 we settled on the name Balloonatiks (pronounced: ba lunatics) because our original choice, Globos Locos (balloon crazy), did not start with a "b" therefore we would not get good positioning in the yellow pages.

We were home-based for about 2 years. Our first Valentine's Day consisted of 9 orders and we were really shy about deliveries. Our second Valentine's day had us delivering until midnight with over 75 orders! So the next year, we decided to rent an office space month-to-month off Loop 410 and Broadway so we could get our Valentine orders delivered much faster.

We were at that location for 10 years, until one of our customers who owned a beauty salon suggested we sub-lease a space from her on Broadway at Sunset. After six years at that location, with few "walk-in" sales (probably due to 9-11 and the slow economy), we made the decision to go "internet-based" and do deliveries and decorating only.

Our customers lead very busy lives and did not have time to drop in. We developed our web-site to help our customers visualize the different types of designs we have created using balloons. Most of our business is "repeat" customers and we pride ourselves in that. We are here for a long-time relationship, not a one-time sale.

Many of our designs began with a customer question, "Can you make a pirate? ...a roller skate? ...a mug of beer?" So we'd take a photo* and now you can see them, too.

Along the years, customers have hired us to decorate for their events. We've been to many balloon conventions and seminars to make us faster and more creative than our competition. Cindy Seguin Huerta, CBA (certified balloon artist...Texas' first in 1993) can help you with any proposal. We are charter members of the Qualatex Balloon Network and charter members of BalloonPlanet.com which has the largest data base of balloon decor photos. Only members and their clients have access to the "Decorating Guide".

We have over 2,000 photos of our work on Facebook. Please browse some of our albums. Thanks for visiting our site!
It's just easier to upload photos to Facebook. Here is a list of links so you can find what you're looking for. If you become frustrated, email me and I will send you the links I would suggest: balloonatiks@msn.com

Classic Decor: Arch, Cluster-style, Medium

Classic Decor: Arch, Cluster-style, Small

Classic Decor: Arch, Pearl-style

Classic Decor: Arch, Rainbow

Classic Decor: Arch, Serpentine-style

Classic Decor: Centerpiece, Evolution

Classic Decor: Column, Duplet-style

Classic Decor: Jumbo Round

Classic Decor: Trees


"Team of Two" ~ Grand Opening.Cinco Vodka

"Team of Two" ~ Graduation.Golden Knights

 "Team of Two" ~ Breakfast at Kennedy's

"Team of Two" ~ First Birthday.Monster theme

"Team of Two" ~ Honeybees theme.Awards Dinner

"Team of Two: ~ Quinceanera

"Team of Two" ~ Reunion.Alamo Heights


"Alice in Wonderland" ~ Daddy/Daughter Dance

Baby Shower ~ Really NICE

Baby ~ Gender Reveal

Baby Naming ~ MAYA

Baby Shower ~ Zumba theme

Theme ~ Baby

Balloon Drops, Release

Candy theme ~ Homecoming

Cartoons ~ What's Up Doc-uments?

Cartoons ~ Sculptures

Theme: Casino

Casino theme ~ Prom

Casino theme ~ Company Dinner‚Äč

Casino theme ~ 70th Birthday

Christmas ~ Balloon Column with Santa Head

Christmas ~ Balloon Sculptures

Christmas ~ Fundraising Dinner.Construct A Kids

Christmas, Winter ~ Balloon Party Decorations

Theme: Circus

Clouds ~ Annual Awards @ Randolph AFB

Theme: Fiesta

Fire and Ice ~ Homecoming

Fireworks ~ Parade in Castroville

Theme: Flower

Easter ~ San Antonio Country Club


Grand Openings

Grand Opening ~ PEER 1

Fall and Thanksgiving

Halloween Decorations

Halloween ~ Six Flags

Theme: Hollywood

Hollywood theme ~ Health Fair @ VIA

Hot Air Balloons

Jungle ~ Balloon Palm Trees

Theme ~ Mardi Gras, Masquerade

Mardi Gras theme ~ Quinceanera.Parr Officer's Club

M S Valero Bike

Theme: Tropical

Names and Numbers

Name: MAYA

Surprise Birthday for GEORGE

Happy New Year!


Outdoor Decor ~ Top Chef.season 9.San Antonio

Outdoor Decor ~ Over-sized 16" latex.Home Party

Outdoor Decor ~ Company Anniversary.Holt

Outdoor Decor ~ Company Picnic.Maxim

Over-sized, 16" latex

Theme: Patriotic

Patriotic theme ~ Birthday.Northern Hills Country Club

Prom ~ Purple, Pale Blue, Lime Clouds

Client: Rackspace

Rainbow ~ LGBT Pride Parade

Rose theme ~ Wedding

Balloon Sculpture: Animals

Balloon Sculpture: Cartoons and Characters

Balloon Sculpture: Females

Balloon Sculpture: Males

Balloon Sculpture: Guests at a Party

Balloon Sculpture: Logos

Balloon Sculpture: Objects, Miscellaneous

Balloon Sculpture: Christmas, Winter


Sea ~ "Finding Nemo"

Sea ~ Birthday at Home for Young Girl

Sport ~ Basketball.NBA & WNBA 

Sport ~ Basketball.Company Dinner

Sport ~ Bowling Party

Sport ~ Football.Texas Longhorn

Scrambles and Squiggles

Squiggles ~ First Birthday

Squiggles ~ Fran Bowl

Squiggle ~ Embellishes Centerpiece

Starburst.Long Skinny Balloons

Starburts ~ Homecoming

Theme: Stars

Star ~ Prom 

"Shoot for the Stars" ~ Graduation

Star theme ~ Company Dinner.Rackspace

St. Patrick's Balloons

Stuffed Balloon

1st Birthday ~ Scrapbooking & Squiggles

16th Birthday ~ Zebra theme

30th Birthday ~ Summit Christian Center 

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day ~ Corazones Dance for Seniors

Valentine's Day ~ Daddy/Daughter Dance

Valentine's Day ~ Wedding

"Wizard of Oz" theme ~ Homecoming

"Wizard of Oz" theme ~ Daddy/Daughter Dance

"Wizard of Oz" theme ~ Balloon Arch

Wild about Reading ~ School Carnival

World theme ~ Prom

Zebra & Diva theme ~ Birthday Party @ Home

Zumbathon ~ Party in Pink

Orange theme ~ 15th Birthday

Zebra theme ~ 16th Birthday

Balloon Florists